" meaningful insanity..."

Africa Sarda is born from an idea of the Sardinian singer songwriter Carla Cocco: "my love for the African continent got deep roots, because Sardinia is not so far from Africa even closer than ltaly.

Sardinian people is really close to Africans: They are proud, tenacious, generous and strong.

Africa Sarda promotes the development and the diffusion of culture, social and recreational activity of the African culture togheter with the Sardinian tradition.




"Africa Sarda Studio", the one and only music school and recording studio right in the heart of  the Bauleni Ghetto all the way in Zambia.


That awesome place was born because of a crowdfunding. The structure will allow the guys to study, to practice and to produce their own music, bringing theirselves out of the "ghetto".  

It will be possible also to organize several concerts.

Africa Sarda Studio will give a super possibility to the guys of the ghetto: we are talking about to create a new future, a safe one.





That awesome new record is literally the meaning of “what the Music can do”. We got the recording session between Africa, Italy and Brazil.

You’ll listen Carla Cocco voice together with the African Voice Band”.

The album has been given as it compensates to the people that made a donation for the realization of the Africa Sarda Studio.


Many musician friends donate their music skills and recorded beautiful notes and arrangments togheter absolutely for free.



AFRICA SARDA Ass.Culuturale No-Profit

Presidente  Dott.ssa Carla Cocco


IBAN IT08U0760103200001043554185

Intestato a "Africa Sarda"

Causale "Donazione per Africa Sarda Studio"

Info +39 392 0585760 / +39 327 7382733

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